Lights Out: Remastered


  • Directional keys - movement
  • Z - normal attack
  • X - laser attack
  • A - open minimap, pause game

The combat bots have run amok. Restore the lab's lights in order to subdue the mob. Shoot a light to toggle it. Toggling a light will also toggle its neighboring lights. Turn all of the lights back on!


Inspired by Tiger Electronic's game by the same name.
Created by Ross and Aeris
Music consultation from Jordan Mecom
Made for LowRezJam 2020.
Color palette: SLSO8
Song: Brink by Joshua Mclean


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Really nice, atmospheric graphics. I especially liked the shadow effects and how the palette looked to be stepped down the values instead of using transparencies. Great attention to detail.

I didn't enter the jam, so I can't rate, but I wish you all the best!


Love it! Great game, great art, music, effects too! Really like the palette and fits really well with the style!

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I love everything about this game (music, art, gameplay, lighting effects) Wonderful job to you both! Looking forward to some replay value :)


I enjoyed this game. The pixel art was good and the lighting effects are cool! The gameplay was fun too.


SICK!!! The graphics were super cute and the lighting was slick as heck as well! The game loop was pretty fun as well; I especially liked how useful the map was : )


Great attention to details and lighting effects. Really enjoyed the addictive quality of this game when it came to figuring out how to complete the light-toggling puzzle. The ending is very satisfying!


I love the graphics of this and the gameplay is easy to understand <3


This is a puzzle game where you need to plan out which room to go to in what order to be able to turn on all the lights, then proceed to clear out the enemies in the way as you accomplish your said plan. Very clean game with simple, easy-to-learn commands.